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With summer vacations still going strong, and in the midst of trying to organize my suitcase, I thought I would share my top 10 packing tips.  Happy travels!

Checklists are so helpful. Writing up a packing list ahead of time will ensure that you remember to bring everything you need.
Neutrals are key. A great way to save space in your bag is to mix and match clothing in neutral colors.  Also, you can limit the number of shoes you bring – black and nude go with everything! (note: who am I kidding here????)
Pack with layers in mind. It is easy to add layers or take them off depending on the temperature and the time of day – not so easy to do if you don’t plan ahead! A sweater over a tank is one example; for strapless dresses, a leather jacket or denim jacket change the outfit and add warmth!
Carry on boredom fighters. I always bring a couple of magazines, a book and my headphones as well as a notebook and pen and I never get bored. Make sure to carry on things that will help you pass the time.
Carry on the things you would be lost without. Once time our luggage went to London when we went to Italy…thankfully I carried on the things I needed for an overnight stay- always carry your toiletry necessities, medications and a light change of clothing just in case.
Don’t pack things you aren’t comfortable wearing. If you don’t wear it on a regular basis, then don’t pack it.  Pack the things you have worn before without discomfort.  For example, you don’t want to wear a pair of shoes for the first time when a lot of walking is involved – believe me, I learned the hard way years ago.
Downsize your toiletries. Try to find travel sized perfumes and soaps in advance of your trip to avoid bulk in the one baggie full of 2 oz containers that airlines allow. It is amazing how little they hold when you have to include deodorant and soap as a liquid. 
Use Mesh bags.  Mesh bags (the ones used for laundering delicates) are a great way to stay organized and compartmentalize underwear, socks, belts, swimsuits and smaller items.
Roll instead of folding. I always roll the majority of my clothes rather than fold them – that way you avoid a multitude of wrinkles and save space.
 You can always buy something there. As I was obsessing over trying to remember everything to pack, my sister reminded me that there is no need to stress – everyplace has pharmacies and department stores!  It is ok if you forget something!

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