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I have seen a lot of things at work this summer that have disturbed me.  Here is my top 10 so far!
  1. Cordoruys on a 90 degree day (cordoruys at all, but especially when 90!)
  2. Knee high winter boots in summer rain (your feet are trapped and sad)
  3. Bra straps showing with halter top (they make bras for those shirts)
  4. Heavy scarf as accessory in summer (know your material)
  5. Bright pink pants on anyone (are you 6?)
  6. Winter sweater over summer clothes (lightweight for summer please!)
  7. Arm pit sweat stains (raise your hand if you’re sure)
  8. Uneven toenails in sandals (just ew)
  9. Strapless dress with heels (this is not a club)
  10. Socks with sandals (just STOP)

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