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Here are the top 10 things that I just don’t understand in the midst of our never ending heat wave:
  1. People that order hot drinks at the coffee shop (ICE now!)
  2. Long jeans and sneakers with socks (free your legs and your feet will follow)
  3. Joggers (run to the nearest air conditioned place instead)
  4. Sitting outside to eat (oh see in there? Yes, inside. It is called comfortable)
  5. People that say “how about this heat” (how about it, captain obvious”)
  6. Ordering soup at a restaurant (60 days til September, how about a salad instead?)
  7. Public pools (creepy)
  8. Lakes (leeches and pee pee people)
  9. People that don’t roll the windows immediately down upon entering a hot car (are you ill?)
  10. Armpit stains (once again – but this one is just unacceptable)

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