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A good 50-60 hours of my week are spent working as a human resources director in the corporate world.  I often get annoyed by all of the corporate jargon that is thrown about.  Here is my list for the top 10 most annoying sayings at work!

  1. Giving 110% (you really aren’t and it is not statistically possible, so please shhhh)
  2. Think outside the box  (the most overused and lame way to say “think alternatively”)
  3. Peel back the onion (why not “let’s take a deeper look?”)
  4. Take it offline (see also: “I don’t want to hear what you are saying right now”)
  5. Hard stop (read as: “I won’t be with you one moment longer than scheduled”)
  6. Punt (this is not the nfl)
  7. Out of pocket (aka: “I will be on vacation”)
  8. Right seat on the bus (code for: right person for the job)
  9. Loop me in (how about “please include me” instead?)
  10. Bio break (For the love of God we are all human – say bathroom break like in the good old days)


    1. Anonymous says

      I need to write in order to peel back the onion on your post. While you are giving your 110%, I feel like you chose to punt on this one. I do believe you are in the right seat on the bus, and we can take it offline if you disagree, but please loop me in to these types of annoyances. While I do have a hard stop at 9:30 and will be out of pocket for the next few days, I think I can help you think outside the box with this one…right after I take a bio break!
      HA HA

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