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Spring is upon us and that means we should be seeing melting snow, green grass and the beginning of flower blooms.  Here in Boston it is still as cold as January, but we remain hopeful. My sandals and sundresses are screaming my name, and as much as I love cashmere and boots, I want to do as my friend Jody mentioned and light them all in a bonfire! As I prepare for a small break from the arctic northeast and head to work from my San Francisco office for the week, there is a potential huge snow storm hitting Boston midweek. Enough is enough!

I am excited to announce that with the changing season, we are making changes to the blog as well! And like the long exit of winter, over the next few weeks I will be working on giving the blog a little makeover (don’t worry -nothing Kardashian like, but more a nice little nip and tuck). My husband Alexis, who writes the food A Day In the Bite, is helping me and I am grateful. I hope to have a totally updated experience for all of you by the time the warmth finally hits Boston. 🙂

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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    I read your first post of your new blog from my iPhone and the layout looks clean and chic. Cheers to following your adventures. Kudos, The Chic Files!

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