THE 1920’S

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The 1920’s is a decade I have always been fascinated by. Fashion entered a modern era; women cut their hair short into a bob, wore ornate hair accessories and cloche hats, and low-waisted dresses with fullness at the hemline allowed women to literally kick up their heels in new dances like the Charleston. Coco Chanel introduced us to the little black dress and also made it fashionable for women to sport a tan, which had never been widely acceptable. My love for the decade must explain my recent infatuation with Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. So much of society today is about being casual and comfortable, but I sometimes wish we could be back in an era where being fabulous and dressed up was the norm!

Below:  Claudette Colbert, Carole Lombard, Carrie Mulligan as Zelda, the Crawley Sisters of Downton

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