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My husband encouraged me to start this blog so that I could share my thoughts about my love of fashion and decorating, but also my commentary on a million different things that I go off on tangents about on a daily basis! My full time job in HR has given me enough material to go on for days!  On a daily basis I have to deal with employees not getting to work on time because they forgot to set their alarm (um, hello, how does this work as an excuse in developer land?!), wearing no shoes when they get there (and going into the bathrooms barefoot causing me to throw up in my mouth a little), complaints about there not being enough bacon included in their free breakfasts, not enough of a certain type of a donut included in their free donuts or a lack of original beers in their free beer fridge. Oh shut it! Last Halloween when I complimented one of them on what I honestly and genuinely believed to be his “costume”, a long black cloak with a hood, he snapped incredulously and told me his mother made it for him and it was his “cold weather outerwear”. I give up! In addition to that crew, one peer consistently calls me by the wrong name no matter how many times I correct him, I work with a woman who seems to not notice that the fourth toe of her foot is missing the bright red nail polish that is on the others, and another who appears to not realize that your skirt should never be higher than where your fingertips hit your legs. Can’t we all just find a little time to buy a mirror and groom ourselves? Well, life in the corporate jungle is not for the faint of heart; I could go on and on, and probably will from time to time!


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