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When my husband helped me to start this blog (100 posts ago!), he also started his own called A Day in the Bite.  We had been talking about starting blogs for years, as a way to write about our hobbies. After our experience last April, when Alexis was stopped at mile 25 running the Boston Marathon, and I was at the finish line waiting for him in the mass chaos, we decide the time was now to do the things we always talked about doing. It was he that set up both of our blogs and challenged us to stick to it… and here we are today.

You see, he loves food. He loves food as much as I love fashion and decorating!  He really and truly loves to cook – and he loves to eat too. When we came home from our honeymoon in Italy, there were so many pictures of him with his meals that my Mom wanted to make sure I was there with him! In addition to running his own tutoring and test prep company, Prepped & Polished, he is definitely a full time foodie.  His mom was a professional chef for many years and I laugh at the stories of him taking duck to school in his lunch box!  We have very busy schedules with our full time jobs – often not getting home until late in the evening, which makes cooking anything complicated a challenge.  On the weekends, though, you will find us in the kitchen with a new recipe, cooking away. The more chopping and dicing and prep work the better.  Alexis often photographs the steps involved in the recipes and features them on his blog.  He also includes written (sometimes video!) restaurant reviews of places we have visited. He is an extremely talented chef and his food is always delicious…and I am one grateful lady!


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      We definitely eat well…growing up in Mediterranean households served us well! I will let him know about the google+ restriction; we are both still trying to figure blogger out sometimes!

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