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Is it just me, or does anyone else find it maddening that men are able to go into a clothing store and buy pants by waist and inseam size, yet us ladies are a slave to the “R” for regular, “S” for short, or “T” for tall pant lengths?  I have no idea how each store even quantifies their labels.  Drives me NUTS. I have always had a hard time finding pants that fit. It wasn’t until recently that I feel I have options as a petite woman. I did say woman – not a teenager.  I don’t really want to go to stores catered to teens in order to find things that fit!  Here is a round up of stores that carry special inseams for us petite girls (don’t worry friends, I will feature other sizes in the weeks to come!):  ASOS, Bloomingdales, JCrew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Topshop.

ashley 2

My petite fashion icon, Ashley Olsen.



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