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My little Phoebe is such an amazing little companion.  No matter what my day is like, I can count on her little face and kisses to make everything better.  Each Christmas, Santa fills her little monogrammed stocking with treats.  This year she just might be getting a little something from my new favorite website for dogs, Harry Barker.  Here are some options that I just love. More can be found on the website for those of you searching for your own little furry bff.


harry barker toile-bones_lo harry barker gingham-collars-group_lo harry barker eiffel-tower-toy-group_lo harry-barker-parisian-dog-gift-bucket_3 harry-barker-leopard-play-balls-bucket harry-barker-holiday-silo-bin harry-barker-hemp-stripe-rectangle-dog-bed

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