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Life in corporate America continues to be all that they don’t teach you about in business school.  The politics, the gossip, the nepotism, the inappropriate clothing choices and the people that microwave fish leftovers in the microwave. Too much to list here!  Something that drives me nuts at work is the fact that we have to wear ID badges around our necks.  I get the need for controlled access to buildings, but in their current form, they really put a damper on any outfit.  What genius came up with the idea to hang a really grainy and mug shot-esque picture of one’s self around their neck?  What year is this? 1985?  Isn’t there a better way with all of the technology we have? The worst is when I leave work only to later find myself in the grocery store, a restaurant, shopping, or even cooking in my own kitchen and realize it is still on.  You are probably thinking that I should just conveniently “forget” to put it on, but one of our co-workers (who we lovingly refer to as the badge nazi) makes it his mission to find anyone not wearing their badge and publically shame them.  I guess I need to look at the bright side – even though I will continue to disdain this horrid accessory, I am thankful that I have a job to wear it to!

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