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While driving home today, we noticed a woman running as fast as she could (in flip flops and a nautical striped summer dress) screaming for her small dog that had sprinted way ahead of her.  We drove a bit down the road and decided to pull over to help her look for him when all of a sudden he darted into Route 20  – a busy street – to run across the street into the woods.  My husband, Alexis, immediately started beeping non-stop so that cars would be alerted the dog was in the street. We pulled over, put on the hazards and Alexis motioned to the owner that the dog had crossed.  He then ran across the street to try to stop the dog before he could run into the wetlands, where coyotes and fox and fisher cats are known to live.  I remained in the car with our own little dog and watched as they disappeared from sight, hoping that the search would not end badly.  About 5 minutes of waiting later, I saw Alexis coming towards the street followed by the owner WITH her little dog on his leash. Yes!!! The story took on a hilarious twist when we found out the dog’s name is Dash -and he was rescued from a shelter after being given up by his original owners due to his always “dashing” away. Today reminded me that there are everyday heroes and kind deeds all around us…and that my husband is even more of a hero to me than he was before.

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