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Last night, my sister, husband and I had the hilarious honor of seeing GAYLE Live at the Davis Square Theater .  Gayle started as a web series on you tube that quickly went viral.  Chris Fleming, the creator and comedian behind Gayle, is simply hysterical.

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We laughed so hard at the show that my abs actually hurt today and I keep laughing out loud with flashbacks. Serious lifetime highlights included when Gayle actually stopped the show and told my sister that her laugh sounded like Alvin, Simon and Theodore were all trapped in her body and then later had her assist with a wardrobe change; also when she looked at my husband, wearing his Yanni mustache, and said  “don’t make me get all flirty”. A-MAZ-ING! Below are some pictures we took with the cast. I have to say, meeting Gayle Waters-Waters in person was even more amazing than we thought it would be – my sister and I were so overcome with excitement that we dropped our JP Licks on the ground like hot potatoes so that my husband could snap a pic before the show! Sweet Beef it was a great night!

From the top: We met Gayle Waters-Waters!, Alexis/Yanni with Gayle! Beef Hutchins in the middle, With Bruce and Terry, Dave in the middle. So many laughs.


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