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As reflected by my blog, it is obvious I love fashion, design, decorating, etc.  I love when people have a fashion point of view and aren’t afraid to show it.  Lately, and please forgive me to the followers of anything “it”, I have reached my limit  with all of the carbon copies out there. Let me explain – those that must have the “it bag” or “it shoe” or “it dress” or “it ring” just because someone declared it to be cool are really getting on my nerves.  If you genuinely love the item, then by all means, wear it happily. The problem comes when people feel compelled to look like someone they feel is cool and start to copy them even when they don’t actually like the items they are wearing. Unfortunately, I am seeing it sooooo much in the fashion community. Wherever 3 or more fashion bloggers gather, they often have on what reminds me of the sameness of my Catholic school uniforms – same outfit, shoes, bag…it is such a lack of originality. There are women who pave the way and who start trends that all of us follow for years to come- as I type I am wearing the ballerina flats that Audrey made famous -whose looks are timeless.  I wish there was more reflection of personal style out there. Below are what I consider examples of influential women with a style point of view all their own.

Audrey Hepburn. From working for the resistance during WW2, Dancer, Movie Star ,Fashion Icon to Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. She is a true inspiration!!         Audrey Hepburn: The Preppy Summer Look : Jackie, Audrey, Brigitte and More: Nail Their Signature Summer Styles : Lucky Magazine

chambray nicer than denim   Toya's Tales 11 Best Dressed - 7/29/13, Cate Blanchett       I am OBSESSED with Emanuelle Alt. She kills it every. single. time.       Google Image Result for

quintessential Kate Moss, how effortless she just looks with everything put together, like a casual after-thought!

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