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We finally renovated our kitchen!  Since 2008 we lived with the Brady Bunch kitchen – minus Alice, which would have been a lot easier when it came to chores, fresh butcher deliveries and daily lunches.  Also minus any signs of the “new Jan Brady”, Charlie bringing his wallpaper samples, Bobby’s safety monitor armband, Kitty Carryall, Marcia’s injured nose, Johnny Bravo and his suit or Mike’s never ending analogies.  But I digress! So, our kitchen no longer has formica counter tops or scary homemade backsplash tiles with larger than human goats (don’t ask) painted on them.  The idea of a classic white kitchen with dark floors and subway tile backsplash was the only design vision going in and it completely paid off.  

Day 1 of demolition…what a mess
Here is the finished product! (with little Phoebe enjoying it already)
The dining room/eat in area
Ok, ok,…here is the larger than human goat – wth?!?!?


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    Looks great Greg! If Carol ever walked into that kitchen she would scream like there were a mechanical head in the fridge! Bebe Gallini would faint! Even the biggest downer of them all, cousin Oliver, would shout “far out”!Here is to many pork chop and apple sauce dinners in your beautiful, no longer retro, new kitchen!
    Bon apetit!

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