holiday lighting

Nothing brightens up the dark winter nights more than beautiful holiday lighting.  I am a huge fan of white lighting for its simple elegance.  What about you? How are you decorating your home exterior this year? Continue Reading


My husband may want to rent an apartment to get away from me singing and dancing to the new Bruno Mars song, but I can't help myself. This is honestly one of the best songs I have heard in forever...Michael Jackson (my fave of all time) combined with Prince, James Brown, The Time, Sugarhill is like all of my favorite sounds in one. Continue Reading


paint undertones

Settling on the right paint colors can be excruciating - every paint chip seemingly  looks exactly alike, yet there are definite subtle differences if you pay attention hard enough!  Here is a really handy guide for deciphering paint undertones from  Takeaway tip: never choose a paint color just by looking online, and always look Continue Reading