Today's top ten list consists of observations from a very long waiting room experience this morning.Molly Ringwald was so cool in the 80’s and that hairdo probably was too.Hulk color green is not fit for the mani and pedi of anyone over 5 years of age.Oh I missed the memo to make the seats on either side of me my personal desk area.Sleeping in a Continue Reading


A good 50-60 hours of my week are spent working as a human resources director in the corporate world.  I often get annoyed by all of the corporate jargon that is thrown about.  Here is my list for the top 10 most annoying sayings at work!Giving 110% (you really aren’t and it is not statistically possible, so please Continue Reading


Here are the top 10 things that I just don’t understand in the midst of our never ending heat wave:People that order hot drinks at the coffee shop (ICE now!)Long jeans and sneakers with socks (free your legs and your feet will follow)Joggers (run to the nearest air conditioned place instead)Sitting outside to eat (oh see in there? Yes, inside. It Continue Reading



Life in corporate America continues to be all that they don’t teach you about in business school.  The politics, the gossip, the nepotism, the inappropriate clothing choices and the people that microwave fish leftovers in the microwave. Too much to list here!  Something that drives me nuts at work is the fact that we have to Continue Reading


I have seen a lot of things at work this summer that have disturbed me.  Here is my top 10 so far!Cordoruys on a 90 degree day (cordoruys at all, but especially when 90!)Knee high winter boots in summer rain (your feet are trapped and sad)Bra straps showing with halter top (they make bras for those shirts)Heavy scarf as accessory in summer Continue Reading