How many of you watched the season finale of Downton Abbey on PBS last night? I won't give anything away in case some of you have DVR'd it and have yet to watch, but I will say the last scene killed me (in a good way)! What did you think?     And for a complete 180, how many of you watched the You Tube season 3 premiere of my favorite web Continue Reading



Downton Abbey is one of my favorite television shows of all time. I am thoroughly addicted to the story line, the acting, the costumes, the sets...addicted!  Sunday night, the fourth season of Downton premiers in the US on PBS's Masterpiece. The British series has already aired in the UK, and thank the Lord I avoided all spoilers and updates Continue Reading

THE 1920’S


The 1920's is a decade I have always been fascinated by. Fashion entered a modern era; women cut their hair short into a bob, wore ornate hair accessories and cloche hats, and low-waisted dresses with fullness at the hemline allowed women to literally kick up their heels in new dances like the Charleston. Coco Chanel introduced us to the Continue Reading