Isabel Marant Booties Fall

Fall is here and it is not going away.  Here are some items that are keeping me from a full on depression due to it turning dark before I leave work!  These are staples for everyone's closet: a leather jacket, breton stripes, a chunky sweaters, an amazing Burberry trench, Isabel Marant booties and boyfriend jeans.           Continue Reading



When it comes to Mondays, I agree wholeheartedly with The Carpenters and The Bangles - ugh! There is something about the first day of the work week that cries out for inspiration and fun (and a grande coffee, stat). For that reason, here at The Chic Files, we are going to kick off the week with a new feature called Fashion Monday.  What better than Continue Reading


There is nothing that feels better on a winter day than cashmere against your skin (it actually feels pretty good against your skin on a cooler summer night as well, in it's single ply version). It is luxurious investment, but well worth it as it actually becomes softer with age and should last a lifetime.  A cashmere sweater is perfect on its Continue Reading



Scarves are one of my most favorite accessories. I wear them in summer, winter, spring and fall...only the fabric changes.  Clearly though, we are entering the mother of all scarf seasons here in the Northeast! They can add texture, color and warmth to any outfit and you can find them for every price point.  My favorite (shown in picture Continue Reading