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I love a day off just like the next girl…sleeping in, no rush hour traffic, actually having the time to catch up on books, magazines and the shows on DVR. One thing I can never condone (and I am talking not even in extreme cases), is wearing pajamas out in public. Quelle horreur! I am sorry, but there should be a 3 year age limit for all pj wearers in public places. Yes, that is 3 year of age, max. This morning, a sight at Starbucks frightened me so much, that I almost didn’t need the caffeine jolt that I had gone there for. I saw a grown woman – I am talking about 35 – wearing pajamas to get her coffee. There is no mistaking they were pajamas either; these were white flannel with little blue stars and spaceships on them. I gasped. Audibly. Honestly, there are more than enough lounge wear options available (yoga pants, for instance) that can help you to avoid leaving your home dressed like a toddler. Honestly, my 3 year old niece knows better and will only be caught in her pj’s during non sleepy time if she happens to be at Nana’s and Papa’s or Auntie’s and Uncle’s past her bed time! Can we just please inject a little of the old days back in our dress and actually try to look presentable when leaving our homes? Not everyone is into fashion and it is fine to wear a basic wardrobe of comfortable clothes if that is your thing (actually it is not, but if that’s your thing, who am I to stop you?) but please change out of your freaking pajamas before going out in public! 


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    What about yoga pants? 😉 Your blog is the ultimate eye candy. I am loving it. (And I confess that one time, I went to dunkin donuts in my pajamas but that was because it was something “fun” that my brother (23) and sister (3) had to do to earn some three year old giggles and pink frosting kisses

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      Nina thanks so much for reading! Your dunkin donuts story made me lol. Yoga pants are totally acceptable!! It is the pj pants with bunnies, cats or any wildlife on them that kill me. Haha! Have a great weekend.

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    Your blog post was fresh in my mind (and I TOTALLY agree with you!) when I ran errands this weekend and counted four women in fuzzy/flannel pj bottoms. What are they thinking?!? One woman had stars and cows printed all over her’s…ugghh! Is it that hard to put on a pair of pants before heading out the door? Your post made me laugh, and unfortunately, it is so true! Elle

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      Elle, Thanks so much for commenting! I am soooo excited to have a kindred spirit in the disdain for grown ups wearing pj’s in public places. I saw so many this weekend to – I think the cold weather makes people think they get a free pass to go outside like this. I wish there was a way we could help them! 🙂

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