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Looking back at 2013, I am filled with so many emotions. On this last day of the year, rather than relive the events that the year was comprised of, I choose to look at what I learned from them. I go into 2014 with a new appreciation for each day, with deep gratitude for my family and close friends who supported me through some of the darkest moments, with a need to distance myself from people who have proven they are self-centered and toxic, with an open heart for a more spiritual journey, with the need to be more creative, and with the realization that what does not kill you really does make you stronger (albeit sometimes tired and shaken to the core as well).  Here is to a year ahead full of good health, serenity, peace, blessings and truly good times!


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    Well said! So glad I found your blog this year and I look forward to many more posts and inspirations in 2014! We will all (hopefully) step into this new year a little bit wiser and stronger! Have a wonderful New Year!!!! ♥

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