goop juicer

No one close to me would be surprised to hear that in the rivalry between Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart, I choose Martha. Forget Gwynnie's holier than though attitude and utterly elitist and snobby quotes, this year her goop gift guide takes the cake!  Her total guide will set you back $109,384, more than a lot of people make in a year.  Some Continue Reading


Walden Pond

Alexis and I drove over to Walden Pond and took a beautiful walk around the entire thing. We went to the spot where Thoreau lived in a one room cabin and wrote some of his most famous poems and essays. Nothing can beat that calm and peaceful feeling of a gorgeous fall day that involved  absolutely no social media. Although the entire internet and Continue Reading


My husband may want to rent an apartment to get away from me singing and dancing to the new Bruno Mars song, but I can't help myself. This is honestly one of the best songs I have heard in forever...Michael Jackson (my fave of all time) combined with Prince, James Brown, The Time, Sugarhill is like all of my favorite sounds in one. Continue Reading


My new favorite CD is, hands down, Cheek to Cheek by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.  Yes, you heard me right!  The two sing classic jazz standards in voices that compliment each other so well you forget there is a 60 plus year age difference between the two.  The collaboration compiles songs from the great American songbook, including tunes written or Continue Reading



Madewell and the cult Parisian label Sezane have teamed up for what I believe is the best fashion collaboration of the season. Not only is this the only place you can purchase Sezane stateside (there are 14 original pieces), it is also a sure fire way to add some Parisian Chic to your fall/winter wardrobe.  I will definitely be adding a few Continue Reading